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Susan George

Although the World Social Forum’s meetings are always hopeful occasions, none of us will find much to celebrate as we look back on the year just past.  It climaxed with the Copenhagen Catastrophe—exceptionally bad news for the human race– but it had also witnessed two appallingly conventional G-20 meetings whose clear objective was to return to Business as Usual in the shortest possible time.    The G-20s remedy consisted in saving the IMF from extinction by handing it $750 billion worth of taxpayers’ money with absolutely no conditions.   Thus the Fund is once more free to impose drastic structural adjustment policies on its victims.   There was a brief flurry over tax-havens but the G-20 fixed things so that none of them needed to worry and made the ridiculous announcement that there were no longer any countries on the OECD black-list.  (mais…)


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